About us 

Gulf Initiatives Trading (GIT) is a leading independent business formation company in Oman incorporated in 2012. Since GIT was founded, its development towards the industry market providing support to International companies and investors to establish their business in Oman is growing day by day. We are known for our experience, professionalism and our local experts who assist our clients in every aspect of Company Formation, to a successful business in Oman.. 
GIT is not only about sponsoring locally and setting up a company for international firms. We can assist with all services from setup right from the beginning of the process to the companies formation, production, maintenance, promotion in local & international markets, Public Relation Officer (PRO) – Human Resources (HR) services, employee’s and their family relocation services. We are very thorough and thoughtful in every step of our process and are proud to possess an excellent team which makes GIT your leading provider in Oman. 
Omani man points to a mountain range in the distance

Our vision: 

To proactively learn and Grow globally with a highly reliable team of professionals 
To proudly serve Oman & our International clients/ partners 
To create awareness about doing business in Oman 
To engage and enrich the quality of business 
To Support & encourage our clients 
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Our mission: 

GIT’s mission is to accomplish business platforms with the local & international business community by encouraging collaboration for the benefits of Oman & our investors. 
GIT is successful because:: 
Chart showing the reasons for Gulf Initiatives Trading continued success

Our clients 

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